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GRADCO Multi Client System

An innovative is given as an example of the standard model.
The total development cost is divided amongeach company.
Standard model+each company's unique customization

Merits of the GRADCO Multi Client System


Through the GRADCO's distribution of product development cost among several companies, each proprietary client can greatly reduce its development cost than developing by itself.


By adopting innovative products that GRADCO developed ahead of the market, each proprietary client can greatly reduce the risk of new product development.

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GRADCO Formation

GRADCO specializes in product planning and development, sales, and outsourcing production own design company. This unique GRADCO gFablessh formation makes speedy development by insight into the needs of the customers.

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GRADCO, an independent capital enterprise.

GRADCO is an independent capital enterprise that doesnft fit into any one enterprise framework.
For this reason, we can gather worldwide information resources from an objective, neutral standpoint and we can accurately reflect the needs and information resources in planning and development.

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